Breast Cancer Myths

Only Women Get Breast Cancer
FACTAlthough uncommon, men can also get breast cancer.

Only Women with a Family History of Breast Cancer are at Risk
FACT – While a family history of breast cancer can mean that a woman is at higher than average risk of developing breast cancer, more than 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no identifiable risk factors for the disease.

Breast Cancer is mainly a Genetic Disease
FACT – Only a very small percentage of breast cancer cases are thought to be due to abnormal genes.

Older Women are Less Likely to Get Breast Cancer Than Younger Women
FACT – A woman’s risk of getting breast cancer does increase the older she becomes.

Breast Cancer is Contagious
FACT – Breast cancer is not contagious.

All Breast Lumps are Cancerous
FACT – Generally, 80% of lumps are caused by non-cancerous changes in the breast.

A Woman with Lumpy Breasts is at High Risk of Developing Breast Cancer
FACT – Women with lumpy breasts often suffer from a non-cancerous condition called fibrocystic change.

Small-Breasted Women Cannot Get Breast Cancer
FACT – Breast size is not a significant risk factor for breast cancer.

Fibrocystic Change Increases a Woman’s Risk of Developing Breast Cancer
FACT – Fibrocystic change is a non-cancerous breast condition and does not increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, although it can make breast cancer more difficult to find during a mammogram.

Drinking Coffee Increases a Woman’s Risk of Developing Breast Cancer
FACT – Drinking coffee does not cause breast cancer.

Antiperspirants are a Leading Cause of Breast Cancer
FACT – Antiperspirants do not cause breast cancer.

Pesticides, Lawn Chemicals, and/or Dry Cleaning Services Cause Breast Cancer
FACT – A number of small studies over the past few years have shown a possible increased incidence of breast cancer in women who use dry cleaning services or professional lawn services. However, several health care professionals doubt the validity of these studies whose data is often contradicted in larger studies.

Breast-Feeding Causes Breast Cancer
FACT – Breast feeding does not cause cancer, and some studies have shown that breast feeding reduces your chances of developing breast cancer.

Nipple Discharge Indicates Breast Cancer
FACT – Nipple discharge does not indicate breast cancer, although your doctor should be made aware of any unusual nipple discharge you have.

Underwire Bras Cause Breast Cancer
FACT – A linke between breast cancer and wearing underwire bras has never been established.

An Injury to the Breast Causes Cancer
FACT – Trauma or injury to the breast does not cause breast cancer.

Oral Contraceptive Pills (Birth Control Pills) Cause Breast Cancer
FACT – Oral contraceptive pills do not cause breast cancer.

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