Dedicated High Risk Clinic

At St Marks we strive to provide best practice in all aspects of breast care.

We are a dedicated high risk clinic. As well as the core high risk breast treatments we specialise in Oncoplastic Breast and General Surgery.

“In recent years there have been major advances in familial breast and ovarian cancer and we have entered the era of individualised risk-stratified care.” Dr Vanessa Blair

We help you understand the true estimated risk which can be frequently over or under estimated.

We offer you genetic counselling prior to genetic testing to ensure you understand the rationale for testing and the implications of a positive or negative test result. We also provide advice about new genetic tests such as ‘panel testing’.

You will be provided with a written risk management plan detailing recommended surveillance, the role of prophylactic surgery and advice on modifiable risk factors.

The appropriate observation/monitoring interval (annual or 2-yearly) and imaging type (mammogram, ultrasound, MRI) for you will depend on your age, individual risk assessment and breast density.

At St Marks we have VolparaTM a state-of-the-art tool quantifying breast density. Recent evidence supports incorporating breast density scores into your individualised risk assessment.

Consultations at our High Risk Clinic will include:

  • Risk assessment based on family history and other factors including breast density
  • Consideration of genetic testing
  • Risk and age appropriate surveillance imaging
  • Advice on modifiable risk factors

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    GP referral is required for all appointments except for mammogram screening.

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