Breast Lumps

Breast lumps are unusual areas of swelling or bulging that feels different from the breast tissue around it. A lump in the breast can be a sign for a few different conditions.

Breast cysts are different to breast lumps in that they are fluid-filled masses in your breasts.An excess of estrogen can encourage the breasts to produce more fluid than normal, which collects in small sacs or cysts in the breast. Breast cysts are not normally associated with breast cancer, although you should discuss any ongoing concerns around breast cysts with your doctor.

Are Breast Lumps a symptom of Breast Cancer?

The majority of lumps in the breast are benign.  Breasts lumps are normally associated with a common condition called fibrocystic breasts, which is associated with the variation in hormone levels during a woman’s monthly cycle.

A breast lump is more likely to be cancerous if the lump is firm and fixed in the breast, there is no similar lump in the other breast, the skin of the breast is dimpled, and the breast lump is accompanied by discharge from the nipple.

What should I do if I find a Breast Lump?

If you find a breast lump you should make an appointment with your breast care specialist as soon as possible.  Early detection of possible abnormalities within your breast tissue is  key to successfully treating any conditions you may have.

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