LD Breast Reconstruction

What is LD?

Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction uses a flap of skin, tissue and latissiumus muscle from the patient’s back to help reconstruct the breast. As a latissimus dorsi flap has very little fat it is more commonly used to cover and support an implant during a breast reconstruction.

Who is LD suitable for?

Most women who have had a mastectomy are well suited for latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction, although women who are very thin or who have pre-existing back or shoulder problems may not be suitable for reconstruction with a latissimus dorsi flap.

Why is LD done?

Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction is performed on patients who require a single stage reconstruction and who decide not to have a TRAM flap reconstruction. Latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction is a very reliable procedure with a shorter operative time, and is performed on some patients who may not be candidates for a TRAM flap reconstruction.

What is the process?

During latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction, an incision is made in the back just below the shoulder blade, releasing the latissimus dorsi muscle from the back and keeping it attached to its original blood and nerve supply. A section of skin and tissue attached to the flap will remain in place. The flap is then rotated under the skin and soft tissue from the back to the front of the chest wall, and positioned through the mastectomy incisions.

The flap is then molded to create a pocket for a breast implant.

The implant is placed, and the incisions on the back and breast area are closed.

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