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Breast Cancer

There are many different breast cancer types, symptoms and causes, and treatments.

Symptoms & Causes

There are a variety of symptoms and possible causes of breast cancer. A mammogram is recommended if you are concerned about symptoms, risk factors or family history.
More information about Symptoms & Causes

Herceptin & Non-surgical Treatment

There are four types of non-surgical breast cancer treatments known as adjuvant treatments. Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormonal therapy and Biologic therapy such as Herceptin.
More information about Herceptin & Non-surgical Treatment

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is surgery to rebuild a breast using existing flesh or prosthetic material.  Implants are sometimes used, and often a natural looking breast, areola and nipple can be reformed during surgery.
More information about Breast Reconstruction

Ductal Carcinoma Cancer (DCIS)

Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) usually affects a localised area of the breast within the ducts.

More information about Ductal Carcinoma Cancer (DCIS)

Breast Cancer Types

Learn more about other breast cancer types such as Paget’s disease, related conditions, how different types of cancer are diagnosed and treated.
More information about Breast Cancer Types

Breast Health in Men

Learn about the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment of breast cancer in men.
More information about Breast Health in Men

Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast Surgery is normally the first treatment you will receive for your breast cancer because it removes the cancer and also provides information about the cancer to then decide on further treatment.

More information about Breast Cancer Surgery

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