A new era in breast cancer detection & treatment.

Welcome to St Marks Advanced Breastcare purpose-built breast centre.

Designed with workflow efficiencies as a top priority, this state-of-the-art clinic stands as a testament to excellence in breast care. The clinic boasts high-end, comfortable interiors, fostering a relaxing and tranquil environment to put you at ease while receiving the utmost care for your breast health.

Situated on the medical mile at in Remuera in the leafy green at 12 St Marks Road, we provide ease of access and plenty of adjacent parking (carpark entry off MacMurray Road). View google map for directions.


mammogram screening

Early breast screening with higher definition & risk detection.


All specialist areas & analysis combined in one.

integral surgery

All-in-one surgical expertise, to address all critical aspects of breast surgery.

intelligent genetics

Individualised genetic profiling & risk planning.

We are dedicated to improving the breast health of women across New Zealand and achieving the best detection, care and survival rates in the world.

Caring Specialist, Physician Team

Our team are a highly respected multidisciplinary team, including breast surgeons, radiologists, oncologists, breast physicians, breast care nurses, radiographers and physiotherapists. Meet the team