TRAM Reconstruction

What is TRAM?

TRAM stands for transverse rectus abdominus muscle reconstruction and is a type of flap breast reconstruction that uses skin and tissue from the abdominal area to reconstruct a more natural looking breast.

This type of breast reconstruction is used commonly at St Mark’s. The operation takes about three hours and involves a stay in hospital of 5 to 7 days. It can be done either at the same time as the mastectomy operation, or at any time after this. It produces a very natural looking breast reconstruction.

Who is TRAM suitable for?

A TRAM flap breast reconstruction is suitable for women who would like to restore the shape and size of their breast after a partial or complete mastectomy.

Why is TRAM done?

A TRAM breast reconstruction is done in order to help women who have had a partial or full mastectomy to feel physically and emotionally whole, feminine, and attractive. A more natural-looking breast is reconstructed during this type of surgery.

Other advantages of this type of breast flap reconstruction include flattening of the lower abdomen and avoiding any possible side effects following the use of synthetic materials.

What is the process?

During TRAM flat reconstruction surgery a breast mound will be created using skin, fat, and muscle from your stomach area.

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